Mission Statement for Walnut Creek Village Urban Redevelopment

Our mission is to ensure access and equity for underserved children and families in the East Macon and Middle Georgia Community by providing quality educational, healthcare, housing and economic and community development opportunities to include Housing, Homeownership Opportunities, Mixed-Use Developments, Macon Housing Authority Planned Communities, Commercial Real-Estate Development,  Affordable Housing Projects, and Model Community Developments.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of increasing access and equity for children and their families to the quality of life that all citizens and residents deserve in the Macon- Bibb County and Georgia community.

Master Plan

The Master Plan includes the following:


  • Passive Parks and Active Amenities

  • Retail and Restaurants

  • Senior Housing

  • Assisted Living

  • Hotel and Conference Centers

  • Multi•Family Housing

  • Affordable Housing

  • Small Business Development

  • Single Family attached and detached housing

  • Mental Health Clinics

  • Family Fun centers and Indoor Play locations

  • Farming and other sustainable Methods of Food production

  • Mixed Use Development

  • Amphitheatre and other outdoor gathering areas

  • Historical Museums and Locations

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